The Brian Murphy Infinity Learning Fund

Thank you for Honoring Brian Murphy's Life and Legacy

The Brian Murphy Infinity Learning Fund

As one of the Clubhouse staff said about Brian, "He had an immeasurable wealth of knowledge coupled with an insatiable curiosity." Learning was truly a driving force in his life. He particularly wanted to understand the principles and ideas of mathematics. Supporting learning is an integral part of recovery through Clubhouse and it is the perfect legacy for Brian.

The fund that we are putting in place will cover Clubhouse for all kinds of learning as that would befit Brian. Initially we're thinking of member leadership development that includes attendance at annual Clubhouse conferences to learn and share best practices and ideas for Clubhouse sustainability and growth. There are also Clubhouse trainings that members attend in order to learn more about Clubhouse operations and how to better work alongside staff in the running of the Clubhouse.

In addition, the fund will contribute to broader Education by helping members return to school and rediscover their original career path or identity and forge a new journey. Completing college was always in Brian's mind.

There will be other learning projects the fund will support. I know music was a real love of Brian's and I know I'm looking forward to the day we have the first Clubhouse band.

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